Dienstag, 24. Dezember 2013

On My Way To Christmas Lunch :)

Packing up christmas presents in the car - hope you are not the type of last-minute person that I am ;)

Fun fun fun! Have yourself a merry little christmas.

Montag, 23. Dezember 2013

Orange Sticks With Chocolate

Christmas is the time for family and friends. But if you have a lot of friends and family, it is not easy to find a present for everyone. Finding a present for everyone can be stressful and very expensive. If you don't know a person so well or if you have no clue what the person wants, sweets or alcohol are always a good solution there.

This year I've decided to make some orange chocolate sticks, since they look really nice and selfmade gifts are always quite appealing.

 So here is my recipe for this delicious sweet sin ;)

1. Cut some organic oranges where you want to peel them (i think it is best to cut the peel in quarters). I used 5 oranges for about 90-100 sticks.
2. Put the peels into some boiling water. Boil for 5 minutes, then let the peels cool down, boil again.
3. Make sirup from 1 lt water and 500g sugar.
Put the peels into the boiling syrup for 5 minutes. Let everything cool down again. Repeat again and again, until the peels are really soft (so soft you could easily split them with a spoon).

4. Cut the peels into stripes (mine are between 0, 5 -1cm) and let them dry on a grid over night.

5. When the peels are dry, melt some chocolate in a water bath. I used white and extra dark organic chocolate.
6. Then just dip the sticks in the chocolate. For decoration i took a wooden stick and put some dark chocolate drops on the white sticks. You can also do this vice versa if you like.

I still have to buy some nice boxes today for packing up my sweet gift :)

Hope you have fun with this recipe!

Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2013

Easy Christmas Present DIY

It's been quite a long time since my last post.
Since then I have started working in a new job, chosen a new topic for my bachelor thesis and found I wanted to study another bachelor program, either in art and design or languages (german, english). So it has been quite a busy time since october!

Since Christmas is coming up, I wanted to show you an easy but nice DIY for a christmas present.
I am giving this to some friends. Since I can't spend so much money on every present, I wanted to give something selfmade and nice.

My idea was to make some bath salts and body oil for dry skin during wintertime.

You need:

1. Bottles (you can get those at every interior store)

2. unrefined, non-treated sea salt

3. Organic olive oil (you can also use other basic oils, such as avocado or argane oil - i chose olive oil because it is perfect for any skin type, and not too expensive)

4. essential oil (i chose lavender and bergamotte - the former helps calming down, the latter gives energy and smells more like citrus)

5. Dried rose buds (or any kind of dried flowers)

For the bath salt, mix salt and olive oil with a spoon.

Mix in a few drops of one of the essential oils and stir well.

Put some rose buds on top for decoration.

For the body oil, first put the rose buds into a bottle.

Put a few drops of the essential oil in it.

Pour olive oil on top (use a funnel if necessary).

Hope you like my idea :) Next week I'll post something on decorating christmas presents - I am already soooo excited abou it :D

Samstag, 5. Oktober 2013

Guerilla Mode Shopping - Very British

I promised to write something about "Guerilla Mode Shopping" - so, here we go!

Last Saturday I went to Vienna with my dear friend Fabi, only to join the Shoppong which was under the Motto "Very British - Tweed, Glencheck, Tartan & Co."

At the beginning, we thought there would be nothing left for us, since the hangbars were already mostly empty. But somehow during the shopping I found out that for every person, there are some special pieces that seem to be destined.for their new owners.

I found a lot of stuff, and I can for now only show you some of the pieces I got - but those are my favourite ones ;)

Even if you don't find anything you ant to buy, ehich you can never know beforehand, it still very recommendable to visit a shopping - simply because it is such a relaxed, nice atmosphere. You can sit, drink some coffee or water (with blueberries, lemon and mint - what a nice idea!) and chat with people.

Coming up next: "Outdoor", November 2nd

classic white shirt with embroidered collar / loafers (Liebeskind)

black and white glencheck blouse with velvet belt

This is my favourite: The crocodile leather bag

Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

Fall 2013

I've been looking for the perfect green/khaki parka with fur on the hood and a tie around the waist. It is supposed to be warm enough to wear it in winter. I already have a green parka, but it has no tie around the waist and is definitely not warm enough for winter. Any suggestions?

I found this one at tchibo:

What do you think? Hope it is still available since my dear friend Fabi, who works there, told me they were already sold out at their store. This is Fabi's blog Style Nikotin, which is absolutely worth following ;) She has a unique sense of style and knows how to enjoy life to its fullest - just the inspiring kind of person you want to spend time with and you want to read about! She has even been so kind to mention me in a blog post. Woohoo :)

In the next few days, I can proudly announce that two very important events are coming up.On Friday, the "Wear Fair" fair (sounds so nice in English :3 ) opens. In the evening, there will be a fashion show where young designers can present their eco-friendly and ethically produced collections for fall/winter 13. Aaand as an extra, on the catwalk you will be able to see - exactly! - ME :) tadaaaaaa.

But the most interesting thing is of course, that you can learn a lot about eco-friendly lifestyle and food and fashion and so on. And you can of course also shop until either your eyes pop out, your hands fall off or your portemonnaie commits suicide out of desperation.

Visit  http://www.wearfair.at/ for more information.

The next thing, happening on Thursday, is a few hours of incredibly enjoyable, delightful shopping in Vienna. What? Nothing special, you say?? Well, I know anyone can go shopping in Vienna, but not like Fabi and me are doing it this Saturday. A few weeks/months ago, I met two really nice girls who run a project called "Guerilla Mode Shopping". They only appear about once a month in different places in Vienna, for a few hours to please us with the finest and best-quality second hand stuff you can think of. And the best thing is, it is not even expensive. It is unique and stylish, and every shopping is dedicated to a certain topic, which makes the thing even more interesting.

Actually I promised last time that I would write a post about "Guerilla Mode Shopping" but I thought it might be better to first attend another shopping and then write a nice, detailed article about it. Sooo watch out for that ;) For more information, you can visit their facebook page:
Guerilla Mode Shopping on Facebook

Anyways, coming Saturday in Vienna, there will be such a shopping and me and Fabi will be taking part - Yaaaay! :)

Okay, last but not least, here is something to please your eyes - another outfit. Please ignore the mess in the back - my closet needs some re-organizing!!
Btw, I can really recommend the Manhattan lips2last gloss. It is worth every penny/cent and lasts incredibly long. Yesterday after brushing my teeth it still looked perfect :D

dress (h&m) / necklace (Zara) / lipstick (Manhattan lips2last gloss)

Sonntag, 22. September 2013

Evolution of a Painting

A few weeks ago i took up painting again. I enjoyed it when I was a kid and now I even more do so, yet I have become more critical and still have to learn so much. Abstract painting really is so much more difficult than it seems.
I wanted to show you one of my paintings and how it develops from time to time. It is still not finished though - it will take a few more weeks I guess.

I started with a base in cream white/beige... ideally the base is neutral but not plain white. Then I mixed a dark green/torquois and applied it with a palette knife. The base was done with a brush.

The next steps only refer to the colours I mixed. I never ever use colours the way they are. Even if I want the basic "red" red, i use just a tiny little bit of yellow to make it look slightly more agressive, or I use even less blue (which would be just the tip of my palette knife) to make it look slightly matte and a little darker. Looking at the red paint itself, you wouldn't even notice a difference - but in the painting, it does make a big difference.

Throughout the day, I always waited to let the painting dry and then applied another layer of different blue or red shades.

Unfortunately, it became evening until the last layer had been finished - that is why the quality of the pictures got worse. I will replace the last one by a better version as soon as I can!