Montag, 23. Dezember 2013

Orange Sticks With Chocolate

Christmas is the time for family and friends. But if you have a lot of friends and family, it is not easy to find a present for everyone. Finding a present for everyone can be stressful and very expensive. If you don't know a person so well or if you have no clue what the person wants, sweets or alcohol are always a good solution there.

This year I've decided to make some orange chocolate sticks, since they look really nice and selfmade gifts are always quite appealing.

 So here is my recipe for this delicious sweet sin ;)

1. Cut some organic oranges where you want to peel them (i think it is best to cut the peel in quarters). I used 5 oranges for about 90-100 sticks.
2. Put the peels into some boiling water. Boil for 5 minutes, then let the peels cool down, boil again.
3. Make sirup from 1 lt water and 500g sugar.
Put the peels into the boiling syrup for 5 minutes. Let everything cool down again. Repeat again and again, until the peels are really soft (so soft you could easily split them with a spoon).

4. Cut the peels into stripes (mine are between 0, 5 -1cm) and let them dry on a grid over night.

5. When the peels are dry, melt some chocolate in a water bath. I used white and extra dark organic chocolate.
6. Then just dip the sticks in the chocolate. For decoration i took a wooden stick and put some dark chocolate drops on the white sticks. You can also do this vice versa if you like.

I still have to buy some nice boxes today for packing up my sweet gift :)

Hope you have fun with this recipe!

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