Samstag, 5. Oktober 2013

Guerilla Mode Shopping - Very British

I promised to write something about "Guerilla Mode Shopping" - so, here we go!

Last Saturday I went to Vienna with my dear friend Fabi, only to join the Shoppong which was under the Motto "Very British - Tweed, Glencheck, Tartan & Co."

At the beginning, we thought there would be nothing left for us, since the hangbars were already mostly empty. But somehow during the shopping I found out that for every person, there are some special pieces that seem to be destined.for their new owners.

I found a lot of stuff, and I can for now only show you some of the pieces I got - but those are my favourite ones ;)

Even if you don't find anything you ant to buy, ehich you can never know beforehand, it still very recommendable to visit a shopping - simply because it is such a relaxed, nice atmosphere. You can sit, drink some coffee or water (with blueberries, lemon and mint - what a nice idea!) and chat with people.

Coming up next: "Outdoor", November 2nd

classic white shirt with embroidered collar / loafers (Liebeskind)

black and white glencheck blouse with velvet belt

This is my favourite: The crocodile leather bag


  1. oh wie toll diese Fotos geworden sind!!! Ich werd meine jetzt auch auf den Laptop laden und dann mal schuan ob ichs soo hinkriege =) die Tasche.. ich staun sie dauernd an.. unglaublich...

    ich leibe die Tasche von einer anderen ... FRemdenliebe ^^

    xoxo Fabi

    1. Haha :) die sind ja nur mitm handy gemacht, aber danke :)

      I freu mi schon soo auf des nachste guerilla shopping!!