Sonntag, 22. September 2013

Evolution of a Painting

A few weeks ago i took up painting again. I enjoyed it when I was a kid and now I even more do so, yet I have become more critical and still have to learn so much. Abstract painting really is so much more difficult than it seems.
I wanted to show you one of my paintings and how it develops from time to time. It is still not finished though - it will take a few more weeks I guess.

I started with a base in cream white/beige... ideally the base is neutral but not plain white. Then I mixed a dark green/torquois and applied it with a palette knife. The base was done with a brush.

The next steps only refer to the colours I mixed. I never ever use colours the way they are. Even if I want the basic "red" red, i use just a tiny little bit of yellow to make it look slightly more agressive, or I use even less blue (which would be just the tip of my palette knife) to make it look slightly matte and a little darker. Looking at the red paint itself, you wouldn't even notice a difference - but in the painting, it does make a big difference.

Throughout the day, I always waited to let the painting dry and then applied another layer of different blue or red shades.

Unfortunately, it became evening until the last layer had been finished - that is why the quality of the pictures got worse. I will replace the last one by a better version as soon as I can!

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