Dienstag, 20. August 2013

Sziget 2013

Sziget 2013 was just amazing! I had such a good time with all the people I met, and at all the shows and performances I watched. I met so many nice and lovely people who all have a very special, unique sense of style and all the pictures I took were amazing! However, I feel really bad having to tell you all that my phone got stolen on my way back home. All the pictures are gone now because I wasn't able to upload the pics on dropbox in hungary. It's such a shame and I am just soooo sorry :( My suggestion is, that all of you who are interested to be featured on my blog just send me some pictures you took at Sziget festival. I would really love to show how wonderful it was and what amazing people were there, in my opinion this is worth being written about in a blog post ;) So if you are interested, please send me some of your pictures and maybe answer the following questions: 1. Your first name and home country 2. What do you love about Sziget Festival? 3. What was your favourite special moment at Sziget 2013 (or any Sziget if you want)? I would appreciate that very much! It was so nice to meet you guys :)

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