Freitag, 30. August 2013


Yesterday when I was in Vienna I just couldn't stop myself from purchasing a lot of stuff at Lush. I love the products they have and that the ingredients really ARE natural, unlike most of the ingredients in "natural" products.Most of the time as a customer you either have to really inform yourself about the chemical substances in all the beauty products and then maybe use pages like the "inci finder" - if you really want to know what's in your shampoo. Or you can just accept that your skin and hair will be covered in several layers of silicone and other substances you don't even want to know about.

That's why I like Lush so much - they even translate the list of ingredients into proper language, and you will find that the products really are 99% natural. Recently I read a lot on silicone free hair products and why silicone is so bad for your hair.

When you use those products, a fine layer of silicone will cover each hair and also your scalp. This makes your hair feel silky and smooth. It also protects your hair from driness. This is of yourse nothing to worry about. However, it becomes problematic when you use your silicone products every time. The silicone will not be washed out properly, since it usually takes several times of silicone free hair washing until the hair is clean again. So what you actually do every time you wash your hair, use conditioner or whatsoever, is apply another layer of silicone to the old one, then another one, another one and so on. And under all these layers, your hair will not be able to absorb the nourishing substances through the silicone layers.
It will become dry and damaged, but the silicone layer on top will make it look as if healthy and smooth. The overall appearance of your hair will become worse after some time, the ends will split and break, despite using a lot of hair masks and conditioner. But the worst thing is that also your scalp is not able to breathe and it can become itchy, dandruffy and the worst consequence of all can be hair loss.

A lot of common hair and scalp problems can be derived from the long-term use of silicone containing products.
However, there are different kinds of silicone and not all of them are bad. From time to time, we need those products - for example, silicone is an excellent protector against heat. But then it is advisable to wash out the silicone again and not use these products all the time.

So this was my post on hair, hair, hair and more hair ;) I will keep you updated as soon as I see the first results after using the Lush products.


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