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Organizing No.1: Make-up and Beauty Products

I know there have been maybe a hundred posts like this one out there, but after trying really hard I have finally managed to organize my wardrobe, make-up and beauty products properly!

So in this post, I am going to show you how I organize my make up and part of my beauty products. In the next post I am going to show what my closet looks like (it's not a real closet, though, since I am living under the roof and there wood be no space for one) - and hopefully there is going to be another post about storing my jewellery properly, because it's looking quite messy right now!

I finally found a way to display AND store all my make up. Yes, this is all the make up I own, and I really don't need more... for now. I have a few looks that go with almost everything (like black eyeliner with candy pink lipstick, champaign colored metallic eyeshadow with red lipstick, or smokey eyes with nude lipstick... you know, just the classics) which I can pretty much cover up with the make up I own. Also, I figured that when I keep my make up in a drawer, I tend to always use the stuff that I carry in my purse anyway, so disposing all my make up in the bottom part of a wooden box might help to make me use more of the stuff that I had already almost forgotten about.

The thing is, that in the past I really tended to buy cheap stuff just because I may have been looking for a certain color, and then I just took the color closest to the one I wanted and in the end used the product maybe once, or twice, and then it somehow got forgotten in an unorganized, chaotic drawer full of make up.

This, I recently told myself, has to come to an end. At my age, in the middle-twenties, I have to start buying my make-up resonably. So I should start to shop for pricier, but high quality products instead. And I have started doing so, by getting M.A.C lipsticks and Clinique Chubby Sticks and even Chanel nail polish, and it turned out that we are not being tricked there, that stuff really IS high quality. Whatever that means, I just can't explain but the 20€ nail polish really makes a difference. It looks better than the 4€ one, it is easier to apply, and it does not leave your nails all yellow afterwards. Same with lipsticks - M.A.C is actually quite affordable, but there is such a difference concerning lipstick colours, texture and durability.

I can only recommend opting for pricier, but better products.

I must admit that I do own a lot of beauty products, or DID own - since I threw out all the cheap stuff that is rather harming my skin that doing any good. There were of course also a few quality pieces that I had to give away. It happens every now and then that I buy a good beauty product that my skin just doesn't like, but next time it happens, I should really not keep it but maybe give it to someone who might be able to take advatage of it right away!
So I have this little heart shaped box in which I keep my products that I use on a regular basis, like the Clinique Super Defense LSF25 for very dry skin, the Clinique Super Defense Eye Cream LSF 20, a polishing set for my nails, hand creme and Lush's R'n'B Cream for the dry ends of my hair.

I do of course own a lot more products, but I think my body lotion and hair spray lead a good life in a drawer, stored right next to their hair and body beautifier fellows.

The idea of storing nail polish in a jar came up to me as I was looking through my mom's china closet. I found those two pieces that I felt she wouldn't miss - I promise I am going to tell her I took them, just haven't had the chance yet ;)

I like having it in transparent jars because, of course, I want to see the colors in all their beauty so I can decide which one is going to prettify my nails next! I have heard that nail polish should be stored in the fridge, since it lasts longer there, but I am not quite convinced this would be the right way for me. I have had quite some nail polish expired, but they were usually the "used once but never again" - colors. If I really like a certain colour, I use it again and again until it's used up before it could have expired!

So, hope you enjoyed this truly philosophical and mind-blowing post, if you have any tips (like the nailpolish-in-fridge one, but even better! haha), feel free to comment!

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