Montag, 24. Februar 2014


I've been playing around with my new camera lately. Luckily, the times when I had to take mirror-selfies with my phone are gone :)

Wearing trainers as a fashion statement has come up as a trend during the last few months/years, but I couldn't really identifiy with that trend until just recently. I guess this is because if a trend just sticks around for long enough, it becomes normal to you and suddenly you find yourself wearing a trend that firstly didn't seem to appeal to you at all. Also, the trainers I am wearing are not new, they're actually my trainers that I wear for sports, and I found that with leather pants, a nice top and a blazer, they are even quite suitable when having a drink with some friends. I might even wear these to a club - because to be honest, dancing becomes just so much more fun when your feet aren't stuck in uncomfortable high heels. This brightens up your mood, which automatically makes your appearence fresher and more positive. So, girls, this is my advice. Wanna look good? First rule: Wear comfortable shoes.

Anyways, I am currently staying in a nice hotel in upper austria, getting pampered with massages, sauna and candle-light dinner :) The weather is so nice that it is time for me to get outside now - and, guess what shoes I'll be wearing for a walk in the city? That's right ;)

Have a nice day everyone!

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